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Canary Wharf’s first ever pet-friendly residential address, a low-rise character makes it feel intimately connected to the water and gardens below.

8 Water Street’s low-rise character makes it feel intimately connected to the water and gardens below, with residents enjoying access to a landscaped roof terrace – the largest outdoor space in the Vertus portfolio. Manicured flower beds, walkways and a variety of seating (including a BBQ area) cover the entirety of the building’s rooftop, plenty of space for morning yoga classes, outdoor social events or finding a quiet spot to pick up the next chapter.


With private gardens and Wood Wharf’s acres of parks and quayside boardwalks offering further space to roam, discover a variety of pet-friendly social and public spaces.


Pets Welcome

There’s a strong connection between pet ownership and positive wellbeing. So much so that pet therapy is now an accepted technique for everything from socialising children with autism to treating PTSD. But what’s the actual science behind this phenomenon in simple, human terms? And what could living in a pet-friendly building like 8 Water Street mean for your lifestyle?



Okay, it’s not quite that black and white, but overwhelming evidence does point to multiple health and wellbeing benefits driven by a combination of increased physical activity and a complex cocktail of brain chemicals. However you spin it, keeping pets around appears to be no bad thing.



The first reason for this is simple: those with pets are motivated to move more. In fact, according to a recent article from The Independent (1), they get almost double the amount of exercise. Unsurprisingly, such activity brings with it a long list of brilliant benefits, top of the pile being lower cholesterol and decreased blood pressure.

8 Water Street’s residents will have full roam of Wood Wharf’s new landscaped parks, gardens and meandering boardwalks – boundless space to give their pets (and themselves) plenty of exercise in the fresh air.

And, at just 14 storeys, the building has a more intimate connection with the water and greenery below. With its own private garden and roof terrace (the largest in the Vertus portfolio) pet owners don’t need to venture far for a quick stroll. Even inside, well-behaved pets are welcome to mingle alongside the building's residents.


“Well-behaved pets are welcome to mingle alongside the building’s residents.”



Then there’s chemistry. Two chemicals in particular work wonders on our overall sense of wellness, and pets, it seems, can be the keys we need to unlock their potential.

First, Oxytocin. Or the ’hug hormone’ if you prefer. As a recent article (2) exploring the roles pets play in our wellbeing explains, “Oxytocin works in tandem with another brain hormone, vasopressin, to help modulate our response to stress and deal with social situations.” And guess what. It turns out this warm, cuddly compound is produced in spades whenever you bond with your pet.

Then there’s Cortisol. A stress hormone our bodies release when faced with a fight or flight situation, it’s more commonly induced in today’s world by 3 deadlines in as many days dumped on our desks. Interaction with pets has been shown to lower levels of this nefarious chemical in our bloodstreams, helping us keep things in perspective when the going gets tough.



8 Water Street is Vertus’ first pet-friendly building. It will also be Canary Wharf’s first ever pet-friendly residential address. A real first twice over then.

Whether those who move here end up living longer, happier lives remains to be seen. But, with over 25% of Build-to-Rent (BTR) buildings unable to advertise themselves as whole-heartedly pet- friendly (3), 8 Water Street is likely to see huge demand.

9 in 10 owners believe their pets are good for their health and wellbeing (1). BTR providers will have a tough time convincing this audience they can access the lifestyle they want without welcoming furry friends as part of the package.


After all, pets make people happier.


Register today to find out more about Vertus pet-friendly apartments to rent.


(1) Owning a pet increases chance of happiness, says study, The Independent, 2018

(2) Dogs have a magic effect: How pets can improve our mental health, The Guardian, 2020

(3) According to the 2020 National Build to Rent Report compiled by HomeViews

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