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Advantages Of Sharing an Apartment in Canary Wharf with Vertus

There are many advantages of sharing an apartment in Canary Wharf, especially if you are interested in elevating your lifestyle and experiencing the vibrant local community with a friend or partner.

Sharing an apartment is a cost-effective and social way to enjoy the full spectrum of benefits that you stand to gain as a Vertus resident, and it also allows you to share some unforgettable experiences with your favourite people.

Apartment Living Room In Canary Wharf

Want to know how many people can live in a 2 bedroom apartment? Read on a little further. We’ll also explore the benefits you can experience by sharing the expenses of luxury living with a family member, friend, partner or roommate while living in one of London’s thriving districts.


Splitting Costs and Affordability



Sharing an apartment in Canary Wharf allows you to split the costs of rent and amenities, making luxury living more affordable and accessible. There are many financial advantages to sharing rent, utility, and maintenance expenses, including an enhanced ability to save money when needed, and to enjoy the full spectrum of perks of premium living without having to bear the full cost.

Sharing expenses can also free up funds for residents to invest in other areas of their businesses and their lives, such as travel, savings, and personal enrichment. Vertus offers exclusive 2 bedroom apartments for rent and 3 bedroom apartments to rent, to meet these needs and easily accommodate sharing residents.


Access to Premium Amenities and Facilities



Vertus’ apartments provide residents with access to a wide range of luxury amenity and spaces, including:

  • fully equipped gyms
  • wellness room
  • 24/7 concierge services
  • private lounges
  • dining rooms
  • self-service bar
  • and more!

Our Vertus+ residents’ app also grants easy access to our exclusive events calendar, and perks from neighbourhood brands we know and love.

Sharing an apartment gives residents access to all these modern amenities, helping to enhance their overall living experiences and simplify their busy lives. These amenities are readily available to all residents, without the need for individual ownership or additional expenses, offering a convenient and seamless way to experience the vibrancy of Canary Wharf.



Flexibility and Shared Responsibilities



Additionally, apartment sharing can simplify day to day responsibilities like maintenance tasks, household chores, and decision-making processes, which can help to reduce the burdens placed on individual residents. Sharing responsibilities fosters a sense of cooperation and teamwork, helping to create a harmonious and social living environment.


Benefits of a 2 Bedroom Flat in Canary Wharf with Vertus



Vertus’ 2 bedroom apartments for rent offer spacious designs, open plan layouts, and fully furnished living spaces, allowing residents to enjoy homes tailored to their needs.

Our 10 George Street, 8 Water Street, and Newfoundland buildings are well known for their breath-taking views of the River Thames, the London skyline, and the diverse surrounding neighbourhood of the Canary Wharf estate.


Accessible Location and Proximity to Amenities


Canary Wharf is home to five shopping malls making it a prime location to address your retail habits, whilst also being a destination for competitive socialising venues such as Platform or Capital Karts, endless options for after work drinks, or Sunday brunch. What’s more, with Elizabeth line, Jubilee line and Dockland Light Railway stations all within walking distance you’re in a prime position to explore the very best of what London has to offer. Sharing a Vertus apartment will give you and your roommates access to this desirable location and all the amenities it offers, while reducing commuting times and the associated expenses.

There are few better ways to live than in a vibrant, well-connected neighbourhood that is as easy to navigate as it is to enjoy. Choose access to a variety of world-class services and leisure activities and enjoy the many advantages of sharing an apartment as a Vertus resident.

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