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How to convert a spare bedroom into an office

To really make working from home work for you, you need a space you’re happy in. If you live in a 2 bed apartment, you’ll be able to create a home office in your second bedroom to give you the space you need and keep your work and personal life separate.

How to convert a spare bedroom into an office

To really make working from home work for you, you need a space you’re happy in. if you live in a 2 bed apartment, you’ll be able to create a home office in your second bedroom to give you the space you need and keep your work and personal life separate.

Having a dedicated office can serve to minimise distractions, maximise your productivity, and prime your brain for concentration whenever you settle down in this dedicated space.

There are tonnes of spare bedroom office ideas you could try out, but the key is making sure they work for you with these five tips:


Certain types and styles of interior décor can influence your mood, ability to concentrate, and ultimately, your levels of productivity. It’s important to make this space your own, but to limit the number of visual distractions in the room so you can keep concentration throughout the day.

Neutral apartment decor in spare bedroom

Muted tones in interior designed spare bedroom

First, consider the colour scheme. Most experts recommend sticking to soft, muted, and neutral palettes. Choose simple and refined accessories to match. Add stationery holders for colourful keepsakes, potted plants to bring the outdoor in, and brighten your work area with a floor and desk lamp. Keeping your décor pieces functional will prevent your workspace from becoming cluttered without looking sterile.

It’s also essential to find lighting solutions that work for you. Harsh fluorescent lighting can cause eye strain and headaches over time. We recommend opting for warm, natural lighting or opening your  curtains to take advantage of the daylight whenever you can.

If you live in one of our 2-bedroom apartments in London you’ll also be able to take in the waterside views from the Terrace, giving you an opportunity to step outside away from the screen focus on the distance and rest your eyes throughout the day.


The right desk can make a real difference to the comfort and functionality of your home office, so choosing the right one is essential for staying productive and comfortable.

Home office desk set up in a modern apartment with Vertus, Canary Wharf

There are many different types of desk to choose from, including:


  • Ergonomic desks. Designed to be height adjustable, you’re able to tailor your desk to your unique requirements for all-day comfort.
  • Corner desks. For those who need to use multiple screens or many different pieces of equipment, these desks are well suited to work without compromising floor space.
  • Standing desks. These appear to offer a  range of health benefits when compared to classic sitting desks. They may lower your risk of weight gain, promote better balance, and blood flow, and encourage you to use core and balancing muscles.
  • Wall mounted desks. These desks provide excellent stability and reliability, without cumbersome legs that could get in your way or take up valuable office space.
  • Treadmill desks. If you’re passionate about staying active, investing in a treadmill desk will enable you to get those extra steps in during working hours.

Turn your office into a productive sanctuary by installing smart storage. We recommend using wall space to your advantage by installing shelving, using file organisers to keep your paperwork in order, and adding a separate table to your space for printers, scanners, and other equipment. Our maintenance team are on site with a helping hand for installing your shelves too.

Modular storage systems are another excellent choice for tailoring storage to your needs. Look for a desk with built-in drawers and side shelving for easy access to everything you need.


Having a weak or unstable internet connection can be a huge bugbear. If you’re working from home, or looking to do more from a home office , you should check your average internet speeds and stability with your provider.

For example, Vertus’ apartments offer high speed broadband internet that is intended for use by remote workers and provides a stable, reliable connection that you can trust, no matter when or where you need to work.


There is a myriad of tools and gadgets available to help you upgrade your home office and make remote working significantly easier. Some of our favourite picks include non-slip desk pads for your laptop or PC, padded ergonomic mouse pads to support your wrists, and self-heating mugs to keep your coffee fresh.

Additional options like lumbar support pillows and gel seat cushions for your office chair will also keep you comfortable and prevent muscle strain while you work.


If you’re looking for a new apartment that suits your work from home needs better, take a look at our studio apartments as well as our one, two and three bedroom apartments that are available at 10 George Street, Newfoundland and 8 Water Street.


Enquire today to find your perfect home.



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