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Exploring the Hidden Gems: A Tour of Canary Wharf’s Art Scene

Dive into a vibrant world of culture, art, and history at Canary Wharf. Experience renowned exhibits, local creativity, and the area's rich artistic heritage. Join the artistic revolution in London's Canary Wharf district now!

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Exploring the Hidden Gems: A Tour of Canary Wharf’s Art Scene

Culture is a unique phenomenon that holds the power to transform and shape entire neighbourhoods. Canary Wharf is home to a rich, diverse, and constantly evolving arts and cultural scene that plays a crucial role in making the Estate an area of international interest and intrigue.

The local art scene invites people from all walks of life to start conversations and delve deeper into important concepts that each piece evokes. Canary Wharf arts and events cater for all ages, and you’ll find exhibits and art galleries, performances, classes, theatre, music, and sports that suit everyone.

The Estate’s programme reflects its diverse and inclusive community and encourages everyone to step into the regional art scene and see what talented local creatives have to offer.


Canary Wharf tunnel


History of the Canary Wharf Art Scene

Art is closely connected to Canary Wharf’s heritage and identity. E14 is home to London’s largest free to visit public outdoor art collection. It features over 100 unique artworks, including stand-alone sculptures, integrated installation art pieces, and striking architectural works. Each artwork has been crafted by respected and renowned artists to create a collection that truly showcases worldwide talent. The initial development of Canary Wharf 30 years ago saw a number of works commissioned to amplify its surroundings with railings and benches specifically designed for the Estate. As time passed, more artists have been invited to further transform spaces.

The Wharf also offers a regular exhibition programme that features the works of local and international artists alike. Some of the most notable installations include those crafted by Helaine Blumenfeld, Camilla Walala, Wendy Ramshaw, Leo Stevenson, and Bob Allen.

This programme has earned a number of notable awards, including an accolade for outstanding contributions to Art in the Working Environment from the International Art and Work Awards, and the Christie’s Award for Best Corporate Art Collection and Programme.


Wax model of a woman

Showcasing Canary Wharf Art Exhibitions

Canary Wharf’s art exhibitions challenge ideas, start new conversations, and engage people of all ages and tastes with a diverse selection of installation works, sculptures, paintings, and performances. They have also shaped the local art scene by making exhibits accessible to the entire Canary Wharf community, including residents, professionals, tourists, and visiting leisure-seekers.

The range of exhibitions includes the beloved Children’s Art Trail, innovative Short Story Stations, regular photography workshops, and the expansive Canary Wharf outdoor public art collection. The area’s Digital Art Guide also provides a simple way for art lovers to discover and access the full range of exhibits, galleries, and installations.


A sculpture of a dog and a bunny riding a bicycle


Annual Exhibitions and Showcases to See

Canary Wharf boasts both permanent and annual art events and exhibits to add to your calendar.

Along with more than 100 permanent artworks located throughout E14, residents can look forward to events like Winter Lights, exhibits at Illusionaries, and Raise Your Art Rate; a set of 1km, 3km, and 5km running routes designed to traverse all of the breathtaking artworks on display around the borough.

Living in Canary Wharf - Arts and Events

Residents living in Canary Wharf can experience an abundance of unique and memorable events and clubs to participate in. A few upcoming events to look forward to are Free Summer Photography Workshops at Canary Wharf, Summer Sounds, Raise Your Art Rate, the OoO Society Workshops, Dancing City, and Children’s Learning Resources workshops.

Each event will offer plenty of expert-led workshops, presentations, and advice on the topic at hand, paired with plenty of artistic and cultural creations to stimulate and inspire. Additionally, Vertus residents can explore their creativity in poetry writing classes, screen printing classes, and kintsugi pottery workshops – just a few events that have formed part of the Vertus+ calendar.

In partnership with London Design Festival, Mandala Lab will make its home in Canary Wharf September to November 2023. This interactive installation invites curiosity about our emotions with five thought-provoking experiences inspired by powerful Buddhist principles. From synchronised breath work to yoga and sound baths, the Mandala Lab invites crowds to share a wellness experience within the installation.

Once you’ve explored the exhibitions, sculptures and art gallery Canary Wharf offerings in the area, style your Vertus apartment with locally purchased art to enliven your interiors and showcase the very best of E14’s talent.


A Closer Look the Art Gallery in Canary Wharf

Illusionaries, a multisensory art experience in Canary Wharf’s, gives visitors a journey  through a fusion of art and technology. This first-ever offering of story-based, immersive art defies expectations and provides both intellectual and aesthetic stimulation in equal parts.

Guests can expect to explore vibrant imagery and emotive soundscapes, culminating in a striking spectacle that envelops them in experience.

Illusionaries is open:

  • Monday to Thursday from 11am to 10pm
  • Friday and Saturday from 11am to 11pm
  • Sunday from 11am to 8pm

Remember to book to enjoy a taste of modern Canary Wharf art.


Explore Canary Wharf Arts and Events with Vertus

Becoming a Vertus resident gives you exclusive access to the exciting arts and culture events and destinations throughout Canary Wharf.

Enquire about our luxury London apartments today and keep up with the latest developments in the Canary Wharf art exhibition calendar .

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