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Canary Wharf Parks: Green Envy

The green spaces and parks in Canary Wharf have always been at the heart of the Estate’s unique character, with squares, gardens and public artworks offering a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Carefully cultivated and tended, Canary Wharf in bloom has become an icon of scenic London.

Scenic London

Canary Wharf has always been more than just a commercial hub, with a sense of community and a commitment to enriching its public spaces, the Estate offers an inspiring backdrop which nurtures the wellbeing of its residents and visitors.

Home to over 20 acres of landscaped parks and squares, Canary Wharf hosts green places of retreat throughout. With trees from 30 species offering 2,000 square metres of coverage and 70,000 seasonal plants planted every year, residents are never lost for another chance to get back in touch with nature.

Celebrating a scenic London, the green spaces of Canary Wharf were further recognised when they became a Gold Winner of the ‘London in Bloom 2019’ campaign.

Green life in Canary Wharf isn’t only limited to the streets and parks though. Holding a vision of a green future keenly in place, Canary Wharf features 8,000 square meters of living roof gardens and spaces.

Using Canary Wharf parks as a stunning backdrop, the Estate also features over 80 permanent public works of art to discover, with a vibrant Arts & Events programme frequently bringing new exhibits for residents and visitors to enjoy.


Vertus Green Spaces

Vertus properties not only offer access to the stunning greenery of Canary Wharf, they also have their very own green spaces to explore and enjoy, with beautiful terraces and rooftop gardens accessible to residents.

Never far from Canary Wharf’s green spaces, Vertus properties offer a touch of nature in the city, right on your very doorstep. For example, Harbour Quay Gardens beside 10 George Street is perfect for a riverside rest, summer picnic or a stroll in the fresh air.

With flats to rent from Vertus you could find yourself living in your very own green haven.


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