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Find Perfect Pet Friendly Flats to Rent in London with Vertus

National Love Your Pet Day (UK) – 20th February.

If you’ve lived in the city for any length of time, you’ll know that pet friendly flats in London can be hard to come by. However, landlords are starting to see the benefits of allowing pet ownership in apartments, as it can result in increased tenant satisfaction and retention.

Find Perfect Pet Friendly Flats to Rent in London with Vertus

Allowing pets can help to diversify the tenant population and bring in a wider range of potential renters, including families and pet owners. Landlords may find that pet owners tend to be responsible and conscientious, as they understand the importance of keeping their pets and living spaces well-maintained.

Statistics show that the number of renters looking for pet friendly flats in London are growing. Over 60% of renters own a pet and just as many are looking for a pet-friendly property to rent. Plus, most of these tenants are willing to pay higher rents to accommodate their furry friends.


Results just in: Our waterside, pet friendly building 8 Water Street is in the five most viewed build-to-rent developments on HomeViews. HomeViews have released their visitor insights report and alongside record traffic of 51% more visitors than in 2021 and pet-friendly developments being one of their top performing searches, 8 Water Street is clearly top of home-hunters lists.

Finding a Pet Friendly Flat in London



Renting a Vertus apartment can ensure that you find the perfect spot for your four-legged friends. 8 Water Street is the first pet-friendly address in Canary Wharf, offering plenty of blue and green spaces, private landscaped gardens, and an expansive roof terrace that serves as Vertus’ largest outdoor space.

Here are our suggestions for finding a perfect pet-friendly apartment that meets your needs:


Assess how much space you need.

How many bedrooms will you need to comfortably house yourself and your pets? Will a one-bedroom apartment work, or will you need a spare room to allow for pet beds, accessories and more.Perhaps two or three bedrooms?

Investigate access to outdoor space.

Many pets – and dogs in particular – need regular access to outdoor spaces to run, play, and enjoy optimal health. Our 8 Water Street apartments offer easy access to an abundance of parks, waterside spaces and a spacious terrace to give your pets room to roam and explore freely.

Find a flat with access to pet-friendly local amenities.

Our Canary Wharf apartments are situated within close proximity to pet groomers, pet stores, pet-friendly restaurants, and veterinary offices for your convenience.


Preparing Your Flat for a Pet

Once you’ve found the ideal pet friendly flat in London to rent, you’ll need to prepare your new living space to ensure that your pet settles in well.

We recommend buying must-have products like pet beds, blankets, feeding bowls and water dispensers, stimulating toys, and a leash and harness to ensure that you’re prepared. Some parts of your apartment, such as unguarded open windows or balconies, may require securing and safety proofing to keep your dogs and cats safe. If you have birds, you may need to fix mesh coverings onto open windows to prevent them from flying away.

All pets should be reported to your landlord before occupancy to ensure that they’re included in your lease agreement. If you have a rental insurance policy, or plan to take one out, we recommend that you notify your carrier of your pets so that they can provide adequate coverage for pet-related damages.


Love Your Home, Love Your Pet



If you’re searching for pet friendly flats to rent in London, look no further than Vertus. Our exclusive pet-friendly apartments at 8 Water Street offer access to all the culture, vibrancy, and diversity that Canary Wharf’s renown for. Love your pet this February at Vertus Plus on 21st February and take home a caricature of you and your furry friend.

Enquire about our exclusive rental apartments today to find the perfect home for you and your family members – two legged and four!


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