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Canary Wharf Security: The Measures in Place to Keep Canary Wharf Safe

It may be a beautiful, trendy, and vibrant London destination, but is Canary Wharf safe to live in?

The answer is yes! E14 is one of the safest locations in Europe, and the Estate offers a range of premium security services, systems, and features to keep residents secure and the area crime-free.

Canary Wharf Security: The Measures in Place to Keep Canary Wharf Safe

Is Canary Wharf Safe?


Canary Wharf is a very safe area. It boasts one of the lowest crime rates in London, and many residents report feeling very safe, even when they are walking around alone or with their families at night. Canary Wharf is renowned as a bustling residential neighbourhood and business hub, but its appeal goes far beyond the world of workers. The area has diversified its portfolio to encompass a wide range of sectors, from wet lab office spaces to cutting-edge universities. The Estate is covered by an extensive network of CCTV cameras and has a private security force consisting of more than 600 trained staff members who regularly patrol the area.

Canary Wharf security is enhanced by the fact that the Estate’s pathways, streets and green spaces are well-maintained and brightly lit. This provides an enjoyable experience for residents, visitors and workers too.


Canary Wharf Safety Features and Services


Vertus buildings and the greater Canary Wharf area offer a range of safety and security services to protect you, including:


Concierge service

Vertus residents can benefit from a 24/7 concierge service to assist with enquiries and ensure that they remain happy and comfortable in their homes.




The Estate is covered by CCTV cameras and features bright lighting, as well as being home to a private trained security force. All residential buildings – 10 George Street, 8 Water Street, and Newfoundland – have their own security systems, along with electronic key entry systems, and a 24-hour concierge service.

Canary Wharf safety practices

We offer a 24/7 security presence, 365 days of the year, with patrols carried out across the entirety of the Estate. Our trained security professionals are assisted by trained canines, and perform random vehicle searches, manage a control room that is staffed 24 hours a day, and work closely with office and retail tenants, police, and neighbourhood teams on matters of security.

Certified Staff

Our Canary Wharf security staff are highly trained for emergency situations.




There are many different safe, accessible modes of transport designed to connect you to London and the Estate. There are the Jubilee and DLR tube lines, a new addition to the TfL network – the Elizabeth line - as well as numerous bus routes, and well-lit walking and cycling paths.


What Do Residents Want?


Insights from property experts, Savills UK, it becomes evident that Canary Wharf's appeal to its residents, particularly young individuals residing alone, lies in the assurance of safety and security that serviced buildings provide. The presence of a dedicated concierge is particularly valued for their role in parcel collection and overseeing the well-being of residents.

Security also comes with knowing you can make a Vertus apartment your new home. The third Who Lives in Build-to-Rent? report found that BTR offers the option of long secure leases, with 92% of schemes offering up to three-year leases, and 25% offering leases over three years.


How do I contact the security of Canary Wharf?

To contact security at Canary Wharf, you can generally reach out to the Canary Wharf Group security team, which is responsible for safety and security throughout the area. They often have a dedicated contact number for security concerns or incidents. Additionally, many of the individual buildings within Canary Wharf have their own security desks or help points where you can get assistance directly.

The presence of security at Canary Wharf is important for a few reasons:

High Foot Traffic: Canary Wharf is a major district that draws large crowds, including thousands of commuters and visitors daily. Effective security measures help manage this high foot traffic and ensure public safety.

Public Safety: With its mix of shopping centers, restaurants, and public spaces, ensuring the safety of everyone who visits, lives, or works in the area is a priority. This includes measures to prevent crime and to respond quickly to any emergency situations.

The security teams in Canary Wharf use a variety of methods, including CCTV surveillance, patrolling officers, and other technologies, to maintain a safe environment. For more information about contacting the Canary Wharf security team, you can find the contact details here.


Live Securely with Vertus


Canary Wharf safety and security is a major feature in Vertus’ luxury rental apartments at 8 Water Street, 10 George Street, and Newfoundland. Each building offers an exceptional combination of security services designed to keep you and your family safe and allow you to experience and savour every aspect of Canary Wharf.

Enquire about our residential apartments to rent on a private, secure Estate in E14. 

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